100 Days Of Papertint - The story behind selected works

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I am slowly approaching the launch of my first book, 100 Days Of Papertint, based on the creative challenge with the same name.

If you want to read about the challenge and what it helped me achieve, read this article as well.

Today, I'm taking you on a sneak peek tour of the book, visiting some of my favourite paintings from the challenge.

Read on to find out more.

100 days of colour and self-discovery

I have a special connection with each painting from the challenge.

The experience was about finding inspiration and solutions to creative problems. Each painting challenged me to explore new colours, techniques and find inspiration in places I never thought to look before.

The 4 paintings I discuss below are connected to fond experiences from the challenge that I tried to illustrate on paper:

The 100 Days challenge now has its own section on my website. Check it out here!

1. Day 97 - "From the corner of my mind"


This was Day 97, so I was close to wrapping up the project. About halfway through, I was already considering everything I could do as a follow-up to this challenge. Creating a book based on the project was one.

I remember feeling happy and proud that I was able to reach my goal and complete the challenge, but also excited, because of what might come next.

2. Day 91 - "Lost in the distance"


Can you feel safe, while losing yourself for a bit? This was the feeling behind my painting from Day 91.

I had just taken up surfing lessons in Portugal and I was fascinated by the idea of gazing at the horizon and putting everything else on hold. "Lost in the distance" is about the feeling of wanting to escape to be with yourself - something I believe we all need every once in a while.

3. Day 92 - "Drawn back to the sea"

Although I liked using subtle brush strokes of pink in my previous work, this was the first time I started to experiment with it in the 100 Day Project. I took inspiration from the colour of the sand at sunset that day.

4. Day 87 - "A pale memory"

This is probably one of my most emotional works to date. That day, I reflected on Papertint and how it all started. I remember feeling insecure about where it would all go. All of those mixed emotions started to disappear through time, but especially thanks to the 100 Days challenge.

With the help of the art loving community and thanks to everyone's encouraging feedbacks, Day 87 was when I felt I knew where I was going.

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