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In my last few articles, I spoke about what I loved about the #100DaysOfPapertint challenge and what it helped me achieve, creatively and emotionally.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, one of the things I keep mentioning is how much the community’s support and feedback helped me pull through and reach my goal.

So today, I want to do just that. Give a shout out to everyone who has sent their regards and best wishes these past few months. You’ve been a great source of inspiration and the reason I am excited to carry on with my art.

Here are some of the most heartwarming thoughts and feedback I received since I started the challenge:

Pamela, @bauche - Winner of Day 2, “Escape” painting

"The ocean is taking away all of my worries."

ocean painting postcard

Lorena, @lorenaaquino - Winner of the Day 5, “Golden sun” painting

Lorena is a long-time friend and someone I spent most of my days with when I started the challenge.

“I really enjoyed this #100daysofpapertint project and to see how the paintings evolved. The calm that comes from the sea is in every one of the 100 paintings Lari gave away, and I’m very happy to have it on my shelf so I can remember the good old days we spent together in the Brazilian summer. Happy to have my country as an inspiration for her and being able to bring the talent home!”

ocean painting postcard

Brenna, @bigelowsoap - Winner of the Day 9, “Evergreen” painting

"The art piece I received was even more stunning in person. The glittering gold really tied in the piece together and reminded me of my childhood vacations with my family to the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you for sharing this marvelous piece with me!"

abstract painting postcard

Saket, @canvas_stories_by_saket - Winner of the Day 36, “Broken movement” painting

“Loved the #100daysofpapertint challenge by Larisa! Takes a tremendous amount of courage and commitment to do so and to be able to give away such sweet pieces of art! I love the small piece I received. It reminds me of the beach and sunny blue skies.”

abstract painting ocean postcard

Lydia, @lydia_and_design - Winner of the Day 45, “White sands” painting

"I keep it in front of my desk everyday and it always helps to keep me calm. :)"

abstract ocean painting postcard

Kris, @kris_c13 - Winner of the Day 54, “Breaking wave” painting

"Your painting has a special place on the shelf, it reminds me of the sea, and all the special memories I had there with my mom. Thank you again, you are so talented!"

abstract ocean painting postcard

Brenna, @buenasully - Winner of the Day 76, “Reminiscence” painting

"This painting is such an essential component to my home now. I am originally from the California coast. Having recently moved to the Midwest, this painting always reminds me of home."

abstract ocean painting

Anna, @anna_ij - Winner of the Day 89, "Waves dancing on the shore" painting

"Thank you so much for your initiative to paint a hundred paintings; it's very inspiring. It's an honor to be able to win one of them!"

ocean painting

Brita, @britamacinnes_art - Winner of the Day 91, “Lost in the distance” painting 

Brita is an exceptional artist, who crafts her own creative journey. Check out her Instagram profile and experience her own 100 days creative projects!

"The painting is lovely. :) I love that it evokes waves on sand but still is abstract in nature. I also love the quality of your brushstrokes! I think your idea of making 100 paintings and giving them away is also so cool. It's such a fun way to exhibit generosity while also creating a connection between people! <3"

abstract ocean painting postcard

Sofia, @sofgrams - Winner of the Day 98, “Two way” painting

Yet another amazing artist you should follow on Instagram! Sofia is currently in the middle of her own creative challenge, so check out her Instagram for 100 days of Italian windows in watercolour.

"Seeing it live, with all the amazing details, makes it even more lovely. I really appreciate you taking this project further and actually connecting with people physically. Thank you so much for this precious gift!"

abstract ocean painting


Thank you everyone for your feedback and your support!

Don’t forget - I’m about to launch my first art book, “100 Days Of Papertint”, featuring each painting from the challenge. If you want to know when it’s out, subscribe here.

And if you want to get your friends involved, there’s no more fun way to do it than with the Monday Wallpaper campaign, under the hashtag #papertintwallpapers. I’m running it on both Facebook and Instagram, so join me there for more.


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