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large ocean paintings on wall

During my stay in Brazil, I've had the opportunity to have a few artworks exposed at a cultural space called Lá na Casa in Recife.

The theme I chose is oceans, as most of these artworks have been inspired from the Pernambucan scenery with its wonderful beaches. I've been inclined to paint the ocean more than anything lately, because the colors and movement fascinate me and I can't seem to have enough of it. I like the calm that this type of paintings bring, and I want the viewer to feel like all their worries will be washed away once they stop and look at the painted waves of the ocean. The predominant greens and blues create a soothing color palette. 

These paintings highlight my favorite thing about Brazil - its nature. I've had the chance to explore several beaches around Pernambuco, such as Pipa, Porto de Galinhas, Maracaipe, and Carneiros, to name a few. The natural pools and exotic fish were a great inspiration. 

Framed paintings on the wall

Paintings seen through the window

Paintings on the wall

If you happen to be in Recife, feel free to check out the exhibition at Lá na Casa, WhatsApp 991810510. 

Estrada do Encanamento, 782
Recife, Brazil

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