Bologna exhibition experience

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bologna painting series

Excited to have had the opportunity to participate in the "Little Treasures" art exhibition organized by Trevisan International Art in Bologna. There were 80 artists from all over the world presenting their work and many of them came to join the opening event. Glad to have met some of them and to have exchanged a few words on the art scene nowadays. 

This was a mini format exhibition, featuring four 20x20cm pieces from each artist. The organizer, Paola Trevisan, did a wonderful job matching the different paintings in groups, making sure the colours and patterns fit harmoniously in each grid. We noticed various art forms, such as collages, photography, sculpture and acrylic and oil paintings. Galleria de Marchi is located in the heart of Bologna on Via' de Marchi, and the exhibition will continue until December 7, 2017.  

standing next to papertint paintings in galleria de marchi

opening of little treasures exhibition

artists in galleria de marchi

holding the little treasures catalogue

with paola trevisan from trevisan international art

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