How art can fill up your interiors

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Original abstract painting

Does this speak to you? Why wait? "Smooth" original abstract painting is only $650.

What does it mean to have works of art in your home? I think art plays a significant role in someone's interior not just visually but also at an emotional level. Modern abstract art is a great asset when you want to brighten up a space and add a positive vibe to your home or office. That’s what Papertint aims to achieve: fill up a space, create energy in that space and help people with focus and concentration.

I think the most important part of choosing the right artwork has to do with how connected you feel to the art. Maybe it’s the subject in the painting that triggers an emotion, the color and technique or the name given to the artwork. It’s also fascinating to see how the viewer interprets what the artist intended to create. I think this interpretation can change over time as you try to figure out the intention hidden behind all those layers of paint. By purchasing an original work of art, you take home so much emotional charge. It’s not only a painting - it’s an artist’s unique idea and intriguing thought.

Original abstract painting

Want something smaller? "Burning sky" (15x20in) can bring calm and concentration to your interior. Get it now for $300!

Some of my favorite interior stylists use original art in their designs:


This living room from the @archdigest shoot for @peytonlist was probably one of the favorite rooms we have ever done! 

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The Lounge! Visit to shop the look! Photo by @Catherinenguyenphotography #getthelook #designerrooms

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