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papertint launch

Papertint is an art brand I created as an outlet for sharing my abstract art with the world. Painting has been my passion project for a few years, ever since I got a pack of acrylic paints as a gift in Finland. I kept experimenting every day after work and really enjoyed the process. Finland is the place where my inspiration started, but soon I realised that where I was located didn’t matter. I wanted to paint everywhere I lived or traveled to.

Painting is so much about emotion, and each artwork has a story that’s connected to a good feeling created by a moment in time and space. In Finland I was surrounded by a lot of darkness in winter and I wanted to counteract that feeling by painting with vibrant colors. I wanted the paintings to create positive energy around me. Finnish summer nights are lovely because they are long and bright and that’s another time when creativity is found again.

Almost 9 months ago me and my husband moved to New York temporarily and I continued painting here. I was fascinated with the amount of art materials you can get in New York (I love Blick Art Materials) and I filled our apartment with canvases and paint tools. Soon after I realised I wanted to create an art brand to share everything I had painted. That’s how Papertint was born. I started building an online store with Shopify in order to make the paintings available to everyone around the world and on June 10 I had a launch event in Manhattan. I’m grateful for all the people I met here who encouraged me to do this. The journey will continue with more paintings every day and art shows in more locations around the world. Stay tuned for updates!

paintings papertint launch

paintings papertint launch

larisa papertint launch


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