Taking art to the streets - Papertint in New York

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painting next to brick wall

While staying in New York, we took to the streets to temporarily showcase Papertint art. We walked to 11 different spots to find interesting daily life backdrops and interacted with locals. Every place was documented with photographs and videos, resulting in one of the most interesting art projects I’ve taken part in. The paintings were in a place just long enough to be documented, and then we changed to a new location.

The idea behind it was to make art accessible by showcasing it in different neighbourhoods. I stayed in New York for almost a year in total, so that was enough time to explore the area and pick a few favorite places. New York is very diverse in color and patterns, and I wanted to show that contrast in the images I documented. There's a raw character to NYC that makes it very unique. It never gets boring. I wanted to place the artworks in all these different environments for a short time because it makes it easy for anyone to experience it. It stirs curiosity and crosses the boundaries of a typical gallery. I also think that this approach makes it easier for people to connect with you, because you’re doing something unusual. In Lower East Side, I placed two paintings against a wall painted by Kenny Scharf, and a local called Marja Samsom stopped by and told us about the artist behind the art on the wall. Then she took us to a community garden and showed us around. Found out she’s a conceptual artist herself and we went on discussing about the local culture. I wouldn’t have had this encounter if it wasn’t for this art project, so I guess you could say that art connects people in a way.

Paintings generate a different experience when you bring them to unexpected places. The exhibit is spontaneous and fleeting, but the art lives through these documented images. New York felt like the right place to do this type of experiment, as people are so open to art and creativity.

paintings sky scraper

paintings streets fidi

paintings by a wall

painting on staircase

paintings by a glass window

paintings in a building

paintings by a van

painting by a van

paintings by a wall in Lower East Side

paintings by graffiti wall

paintings by a concrete building nyc

paintings by couple dancing art wall

paintings by dark graffiti wall

holding painting by a brick wall

holding painting in UN

wood panel painting UN

financial district pins on a map

pins of Lower Manhattan on a map

pin of UN on a map

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