Taking risks

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Bold colors make a statement. A bit different from my usual palette, this painting consists of a heavier contrast between black and vibrant hues. When I started creating it, I had a very strong feeling that change (in life) is inevitable and new possibilities happen when you "break the rules". Although confused at first whether the change I'm going to make will impact me in a positive way, by the time I finished the painting I knew the outcome will be great. The colors became brighter and brighter as I completed it and it gave me a sense of peace. The layered shapes depict something unexpecting and the idea of being open to new discoveries. Exploring the concept of change is important to me and to my art. It can be easy to get comfortable with what you do and where you are, but the moment you decide to make a significant change, you realize that the journey is going to be amazing. 

This painting can be purchased here.

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