The art of choosing a color palette

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Finding a general style for Papertint art was something that happened rather spontaneously. I think I found myself using rich colors from the beginning and having a great feeling of satisfaction doing so. I create different palettes for each painting, but still, the overall purpose is to use vibrant colors and focus on the subject of positivity. The colors used in a painting have to relate to each other and build harmony.

First I think about the theme I have in mind for a painting. I know that generally I focus on using vibrant colors but making a particular choice is based on a feeling. I sort of just make a mental image of the colors that would trigger an emotion for me at that moment. I'll add some subtle dark color if I want the painting to be more dramatic. That's the approach I had in "Sunset down the street" and "Taking risks". I don't use too much of that though - but always try to balance the contrast. Probably the paint tube that ends most often in my collection is white. I love using white for brightening up a scene and making the texture look milder. When combined with a dark blue, for example, I love using white to control the intensity from there. It's kind of magical. :-)

Making mixes of different core colors allows me to see possible combinations. By now, I have repeatedly worked with several basic colors in each of my paintings. So I've realized that I know the qualities of each of them and know how they relate to one another. That's why I prefer them among others, but this might be something that will change in future, depending on the circumstances.




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