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If you are new on my website, let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Larisa. I am passionate about travel and experiencing the culture of new places. These are the two pillars of the inspiration behind my art, Papertint.

My journey led me to Brazil. It was there where I became inspired to take my art to the next level and bring joy to the art loving community.

So I created the #100DaysOfPapertint challenge. I paint a small painting everyday of the challenge, borrowing from the light and the shapes that surround me everywhere I travel. I then send it to someone who likes it, anywhere in the world.

I am currently on Day 87 of my challenge.

There are still a few more paintings to go and a lot more inspiration to hand out. So if you want to find out how you can join me for a chance to win an abstract painting, read on!

How it all started...

My passion for painting began with a desire to express the way my surroundings made me feel and share them with the people close to me. Seeing how my work brought joy to others was my biggest motivator.

So I decided to take it one step further... Well, 100 actually.

I created the #100DaysOfPapertint challenge as a way to give back to the art loving community, in the form of a small original painting.

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How does it work?

The challenge takes place on the Papertint official Instagram account.

Each day, you will find a new painting, with a fresh vibe and new splashes of colour. For your chance to win an abstract painting, all you have to do is follow Papertint on Instagram and leave a comment once a new painting is posted.

I will randomly select a winner for each painting and announce them at the end of the week for that week’s round of paintings. So if you enter, make sure you keep an eye out for when I tag your name in a comment.

87 down, 13 more to go! Care to join me on Instagram? Follow Papertint and keep a close eye for new paintings everyday.

My work, thus far

The overall theme in the #100DaysOfPapertint challenge is ocean. Being surrounded by the ocean in my travels is my greatest inspiration. It gives me a sense of calm and happiness that I want others to feel when looking at the paintings.

Lessons learnt

The most important thing this challenge has taught me is that committing to a goal will eventually bring results.

As with every new project, there were some ups and downs. I was unsure of how I would find inspiration each day and the time to put my inspiration on a canvas.

However, visiting so many places between Brazil and Portugal, meeting so many new people and reading the wonderful feedback I received on my account gave me the energy boost I needed to see the project through.

#100DaysOfPapertint challenge - Why join?

Still unsure whether you should join? Here's what else you get when you win a painting!

Apart from the original painting itself, you also get a handwritten signature. It's my way of adding a personal touch to each painting I send.

I hope to see you and get to know you better on Instagram! Make sure you keep checking back with me for updates on future projects, challenges and giveaways I host frequently.

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