Papertint was created as a means to express my experiences and emotions from the places I’ve travelled to or lived in. My art is about light, colour, and positivity, laid out through energetic brush strokes on paper and canvas.

Over the past year I travelled to different locations around the world with the purpose of staying at least a few months at a time in each place. These experiences have given me the unique opportunity to create numerous pieces of vibrant colours, inspired from my emotional response to each place. With each new artwork, I intend to express a feeling of positivity. 

Papertint was launched in New York in June 2017.


Solo exhibition "Papertint launch New York" - The W, New York City, June 2017

Group exhibition "Little Treasures" - Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, December 2017

Art fair "Parallax Art Fair" - Kensington Town Hall, London, February 2018

Solo exhibition "Oceans" - Cultural space Lá na Casa, Recife, Brazil, April 2018


If you’re interested in a painting, or would like something custom made, don’t hesitate to contact me! larisa@papertint.net

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