100 Days of Papertint Book

Designer: Papertint


Soft cover book of 117 pages, size: 105x142 mm. Matte paper, 350 gr.
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100 Days of Papertint Book Story

This book encompasses 100 abstract paintings created over 100 days for a project I came up with shortly after I started travelling. I began the 100 Days of Papertint project while staying in Brazil, and completed it after I arrived to Portugal. It was about creating a painting of the size of a postcard every day for 100 days. In order to keep myself motivated, I decided to send each small painting to someone around the world.

100 days of papertint book

The feedback I got in return was incredibly motivating, and it helped me carry on until day 100 when I finally completed the project. The paintings were inspired by the ocean, where I spent a lot of time in both Brazil and Portugal. It took a great deal of commitment to do a painting a day for 100 days, but the end result was something incredibly fulfilling and I'm glad I kept going.

abstract painting 100 day project

Towards the end of the project, I decided to put the 100 paintings together in an art book, and make it available to everyone. It is a soft cover book of 117 pages, the same size as each painting was: 105x142 mm. The paper is matte, 350 gr.

The book is made locally in Porto, by a historic stationery and typography shop called Peninsular. It used to be called "Typographia Peninsular" and it dates back to the end of 19th century, run in the present by 4th and 5th generation members of the same family who started it. I love good stories, so I decided to have my book made here, because I find it very captivating that this place survived the passing of time, by continuously innovating their business and practice. Peninsular is located in the historic center of Porto, an area considered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Peninsular team has been very collaborative and I enjoyed working with them. 

peninsular stationery shop porto

This book is about art and connection. It is meant to brighten your day through the vibrant brushstrokes, and to give you inspiration and positivity. Each winner's name and country are included in the book, so you can see where the paintings travelled. They reached 17 countries: USA, Brazil, Romania, Canada, UK, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden.





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